RF Network Localization

Network localization is a challenge that has been dealt with where precise positioning like GPS is not available/is fault. In this project, we created a network scheme of three stationary nodes (anchors) and at least 1 mobile node.

RF Node

We are able to identify and locate the mobile node in the network. The wireless modules run at 434 MHz which would not interfere with 2.4 GHz that is commonly used in personal and commercial applications.

This project could be used in indoor shopping malls, mines/underground, and in buildings. (Although the Free Space Path Loss which is used to measure distance from each node is not very effective, we suggested using Time Difference of Arrival to increase the accuracy where free space is not granted.)

3d rep

The picture to the right demonstrates the simulation of 3 dimensional localization of 1000 random date sets.

The video of localization can be viewed below. (As mentioned, the reflections of RF have an adverse effect on our calculations).

For more info please check our paper here: RF Network Localization.